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Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year!


Mathematics is the language and science of patterns.  It provides us with the tools we need to explore and explain the world around us - or even the cells inside of us!  Having a strong foundation in mathematics can open the doors of the opportunity for students.  While not everyone will become a scientist, engineer or pure mathematician, every person in our society must be an informed user of mathematics.  I love helping students make connections between mathematics and other aspects of their lives. 

Habits of Mind

So many of the habits of mind are necessary for success in mathematics.  I believe that this is the number one reason that mathematics achievement is considered the "gate-keeper to higher education."  I look forward to working through the habits of mind and the tools of mathematics with each of my students in the coming school year.  Ready for Adventure?!  Let's go!

You are ready for what Christ wants of you - all of you - to be the light of the world as only young people can be light.

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